Elias Meister

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Elias Meister's 3rd jazz release is a rock-infused instrumental album. Recorded without headphones by multi Grammy awarded engineer Jeremy Loucas, it conveys the intimacy and energy of small club gig. The musicians powerfully interpret Mr. Meister's very catchy and emotional songs. Some tunes are very energetic, some soothing and melancholic.
"I was consciously trying to compose simple and accesible songs that will also appeal to a 'non jazz listener.' That's what I am interested in right now. To emotionally reach and communicate with the audience as much as I can and to take some of the rock energy into the jazz realm. For me to record in a fairly small room without headphones was also a very important part of this album. The energy that develops between the muscian is more pure and immediate compared to having the cable and headphones and the headphone mix in between."

Elias Meister - guitar, Gordon Au - trumpet, Craig Akin - bass, Joe Hertenstein - drums

Ejazz con Jota

Carmen París

Samples/album available through CarmenParis.net

"The fourth album of this Aragonese artist combines the best of each style: the strength of expression and the brightness of the melodies of the jota with the rhythmic and harmonic richness of jazz."

Gordon Au - Musical Director, arrangements/orchestration; Greg Hopkins Big Band; special guests George Garzone, Melissa Aldana, Gordon Au, Joel Rosenblatt, and José Sanmartín.

The Au Brothers Take Off!

The Au Brothers Jazz Band

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"New Orleans traditional jazz for a new generation of listeners, fans, and dancers: some blues, a barn-burner or two, a tango, a soulful ballad, a little bit of waltz, and plenty of humor to go around!"

Gordon Au - trumpet, vocals; Brandon Au - trombone, vocals; Justin Au - trumpet; 'Uncle' Howard Miyata - tuba, vocals; Katie Cavera - guitar/banjo, vocals; Danny Coots - drums

Greg Ruby & the Rhythm Runners


Limited edition 7-inch vinyl (includes download) available through GregRubyMusic.com

"The Rhythm Runners convened under auspicious circumstance to deliver prohibition-era jazz from New Orleans, New York and Seattle. This 7-inch RED vinyl comes complete with a download sticker. Featuring two new compositions by Greg Ruby."

Greg Ruby - guitar, Gordon Au - trumpet, Dennis Lichtman - clarinet, Charlie Halloran - trombone, Cassidy Holden - bass.

Second Cycle

Melissa Aldana
Inner Circle Music (2012)

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REVIEW by Travis Rogers in Jazz Times

New York is where Melissa currently lives and where she has entered this “Second Cycle" showing her passionate, rushing life. Melissa has developed a new way of dealing with her inner music; she has created a new environment where she feels comfortable, a new unpredictable journey that immerses us in a new world of emotions, intricate harmonies that are transformed into evocative melodies through Melissa’s delicate hands.
In this new record we can find a new Melissa full of vitality. Her improvisations show once again her great technical mastery of the sax, and her ideas are developed fluently, showcasing her great personality. Her voice on the tenor saxophone arouses the curiosity to continue listening to the rest of the jazz pieces she has composed. Gordon Au – trumpet, Joseph Lepore – bass, Ross Pederson – drums support each and every single note blown by Melissa.
Recorded under Greg Osby’s label Inner Circle Music (like Free Fall, her 2010 debut album), Melissa is “actually one of my favorite saxophones on the planet because of her single voice, her special quality and characteristics," Greg affirms.
“Second Cycle" inspires math, conception, truth, and authenticity to this new cycle in Melissa’s musical and personal life.

Christmas Stomp

The Grand St. Stompers

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REVIEW by Michael Steinman of music blog Jazz Lives
FEATURE in the New York City Jazz Record Holiday Gift Guide
BLOG POST by Michael Steinman about the CD release party, HOLIDAY BASH

Christmas Stomp presents the holiday classics you know and love (plus a few rare gems), stomped on and reshaped into swinging, jazzy hits!

Tamar Korn, Molly Ryan - vocals; Gordon Au - trumpet, cornet, composer/arranger; Dennis Lichtman - clarinet; Matt Musselman - trombone; Nick Russo - banjo, guitar; Rob Adkins - bass; Kevin Dorn - drums

Tuesdays at Mona's

Tuesdays at Mona's

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BLOG POST by Michael Steinman of music blog Jazz Lives

Disc One: Live audio CD (71:30)
Disc Two: Documentary DVD plus bonus footage
"Tuesdays At Mona's" is an 18-minute documentary about the Tuesday night jam session of 1920's and 1930's jazz at Mona's bar in New York City. This session has been called "Ground zero for an emerging late-night scene of young swing and traditional jazz players" (Wall Street Journal), and has attracted international attention for the quality, energy, and sheer number of talented, mostly younger musicians who show up each Tuesday night from 11pm until 4am to play. The live CD features Mona's Hot Four plus 19 guest musicians, and was recorded in a single night at Mona's on February 7, 2012. The DVD includes the 18 minute documentary plus bonus footage.

Mona's Hot Four: Dennis Lichtman - clarinet/session leader; Gordon Webster - piano; Nick Russo - banjo/guitar; Jared Engel - bass
Guests: Emily Asher – trombone; Ehud Asherie – piano; Gordon Au – trumpet; Bob Curtis – clarinet; Mike Davis – trumpet; Jim Fryer – trombone; Miles Griffith – vocals (DVD only); J. Walter Hawkes – trombone; Tamar Korn – vocals; David Langlois – washboard; Dan Levinson – clarinet; DAVID MCKAY – vocals; Nellie McKay – vocals (DVD only); Andrew Nemr – tap dance; Jerron Paxton – vocals & banjo; Nathan Peck – bass; Molly Ryan – vocals; Bria Skonberg – trumpet; Dave Speranza – bass; Chris St. Hilaire – snare drum; Miss Tess – vocals; Murray Wall – bass (DVD only)

Live in Rochester

Gordon Webster

Available through GordonWebsterSwings.com

Naomi Uyama, Steven Mitchell, Aurora Nealand, Jesse Selengut - vocals; Gordon Au, Jesse Selengut - trumpet; Aurora Nealand, Dan Levinson - reeds; Matt Musselman - trombone; Gordon Webster - piano; Cassidy Holden - guitar; Rob Adkins - bass; Jeremy Noller - drums

Perrier Street

Davy Mooney
Sunnyside (2012)

Available through Sunnyside Records

Like most New Orleans natives, guitarist/vocalist Davy Mooney has a special tie with his hometown. Through ups and downs, his experiences in the city have groomed him and have remained an important part of his development, both musically and emotionally. Mooney pays tribute to all that New Orleans has given him on his new recording, Perrier Street (Sunnyside, Mar. 2012). The program blends elements of folk and jazz and features some talented contributors, including saxophonist John Ellis, pianist Jon Cowherd and drummer Brian Blade.

Davy Mooney - guitar, vocals; Johnaye Kendrick - vocals; Gordon Au - trumpet, John Ellis - tenor sax, bass clarinet; Jon Cowherd - piano; Matt Clohesy - bass; Brian Blade - drums

Bury Your Head in My Troubles

Nathan Lambertson

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Nathan Lambertson - bass, piano, vocals; Kristina Morales - vocals; Gordon Au - trumpet, Rex Gregory - woodwinds; Danny Abel - guitar; James Westfall - vibraphone, piano; Dylan Hicks, Ricky Sebastian, Paul Thibodeaux - drums; Ben Luton - poetry

The Heights

Gian Tornatore
Sound Spiral (2012)

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"Melodic, intelligent, and deceptively complex. Each song has its own arc, an audible path that's so natural it almost seems inevitable. This is the kind of album that takes its time in revealing its charms."

Gian Tornatore - tenor sax; Gordon Au - trumpet; Nate Radley - guitar, Jon Anderson - piano; Thomson Kneeland - bass; Jordan Perlson - drums

The Grand St. Express

The Grand St. Stompers

Samples/album available through GrandStStompers.com

REVIEW by Cam Miller in The American Rag

The Stompers' debut album is a rollicking ride aboard an express train, departing from a WWI-era ballroom, coasting through New Orleans classics, taking a detour into Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker territory, touring the blues-drenched Southern scenery of WC Handy, steaming along the cliffs of original rags, and dipping down into the hushed valleys of Tamar Korn's lush vocal ballads. All aboard!

Tamar Korn - vocals; Gordon Au - trumpet, cornet, post horn, piano, composer/arranger; Dennis Lichtman - clarinet; Dan Levinson - tenor sax; Matt Musselman - trombone; Ehud Asherie - piano; Nick Russo - banjo, guitar; Rob Adkins - bass; Kevin Dorn - drums

An End to Oblivion

Rex Gregory

Available through www.RexGregory.com

REVIEW in Offbeat Magazine
***nominated for Best Contemporary Jazz Album of 2010, by Offbeat Magazine***

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Rex Gregory's debut album!

Rex Gregory - alto sax, bass clarinet, clarinet, flute, alto flute, keyboard; Gordon Au - trumpet; James Westfall - vibraphone; Austin Johnson, Brian Coogan - piano; Peter Harris - bass; Simon Lott - drums; Johnaye Kendrick - vocals

Illumi's Journey

Elias Meister
Konnex (2011)

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"I am very excited to announce that my debut album "Illumi's Journey" has just been released by Konnex Records, Berlin. It features very gifted musicians Rita Maria (Vocals), Gordon Au (Cornet), Daniel Ori (Bass), Ziv Ravitz (Drums) and myself, Elias Meister (Guitar, Composition); and 5 original compositions including the three-part suite Illumi's Journey. It was recorded at Peter Karl Studios, NYC and mixed by multiple Grammy-awarded engineer Elliot Scheiner."

Flights Fall

Holger Scheidt and the Scene
Konnex (2011)

Available through Konnex

"My new record project is dedicated to all the individuals out there, who find meaning in the creation of music. It seeks to capture the fact, that the production of great beauty, besides talent and great perception, oftentimes requires great sacrifice, and that only strong dedication, persistence, will and great intelligence will allow an artist to contribute to the human treasury of art."

Holger Scheidt - bass; Gordon Au - trumpet/cornet; Rich Perry, Alex Terrier - saxophones; Michel Reis - piano; Dan Tepfer - fender rhodes; Jake Hertzog - guitar; Joe Hertenstein, Nick Anderson, Anthony P - drums

I'm Comin' Home

The New Orleans Moonshiners

***nominated for Best Traditional Jazz Album of 2010, by Offbeat Magazine***

Available through NewOrleansMoonshiners.com

The second CD from the youngest and one of the hottest traditional jazz bands in New Orleans. Eight of the twelve songs on this disc are originals composed by the Moonshiners. They mix traditional jazz, brass band, and big band in a way never done before. With a dedicated following of swing dancers and music lovers, the Moonshiners are a raving good time. This CD is a must have!

Gordon Au - trumpet, cornet, vocals; Chris Edmunds - banjo, guitar, vocals; Aurora Nealand - alto sax, vocals; Teppei Tada - clarinet; Charlie Halloran - trombone; Gregory Smith - bass; Jung Ho Kang, Bryan Besse - drums; Sarah Quintana, Cristina Peréz - vocals; Jon Gross - tuba

The New Orleans Moonshiners

The New Orleans Moonshiners

Available through NewOrleansMoonshiners.com

The first record from a group of twenty-somethings from New Orleans who create their own gumbo of traditional New Orleans style Dixieland jazz, with a tinge of brass band, gypsy jazz, and big band swing added into the pot.

Gordon Au - trumpet, vocals; Charlie Halloran - trombone, vocals; Aurora Nealand - alto sax, vocals; Teppei Tada - clarinet; Chris Edmunds - banjo, guitar, vocals; Jung Ho Kang - drums; Dan Ostreicher - bass sax, tuba; Jason Jurzak - tuba, bass; Sarah Quintana - vocals; Sean Clark - background vocals

Panama Suite

Danilo Perez Big Band
ArtistShare (2008)

Available through ArtistShare

REVIEW in All About Jazz
REVIEW in JazzReview.com

Trumpets: John Replogle, Gordon Au, Danny Fratina, Gilberto Cervantes
Trombones: Jeff Galindo, Angel Subero, Jason Camelio, Daniel Blacksberg
Vocals: Paolo Vergana, Patricia Zarate, Eleonora Bianchini, Natalia Bernal, Mitzi Dorbu
Reeds: Daniel Blake (soprano saxophone), Patricia Zarate (alto saxophone), Sean Barry (tenor saxophone), Michael Duke (baritone saxophone)
Rhythm section: Danilo Perez (Fender Rhodes), Gabriel Guerrero (acoustic piano), Aldemar Valentin (electric bass), Ernesto Diaz (percussion), Paulo Stagnaro (percussion), Francisco “Pancho" Molina (drums)